African Dance

O africkém tanciAbout African Dance

African dance is just as old as the mankind. In Africa, some people even say that dance emerged before the spoken word. In traditional societies dance really used to be the means to express various important events happening in the village or emotions that people needed to share with others. Traditional dance has preserved elements of concrete activities and feelings until now. Movements in African dance are very earthy and natural. Combined with live music of African drums, African dance induces true physical and mental relaxation and gets energy going and circulating throughout all your body. African dance is not aerobic or zumba. African dance carries a long history and tradition within. Every rhythm opens up themes that remain topical across time or cultures. If we let them enter and pass through our bodies and if we are patient, we will see...




2015/16 Classes:


Thursdays 18:15 - 19:45 (beginners) CZK 2,000 Class is full

Thursdays 20:00 - 21:30 (advanced)

CZK 2,000 Class is full

Fridays 18:30 - 20:30  (Dundun dance workshops)

2.10., 6.11., 20.11., 11.12.2015

CZK 800 (4 classes)  

Each class begins with gradual waking up of all parts of our bodies and warming up to live accompaniment played by drummers. The key part of each lesson is devoted to dance choreographies. Besides, there is still space for improvisation, your own creative ideas and imagination. 

During dance you are definitely going to become drenched in sweat and have a good stretch. You don’t need any previous dance experience to start up with afro. It is a dance, not an exercise. You can adapt the movements to your own aptitudes. The classes are primarily designed to offer relaxation and movement expression of yourself. Therefore I do not stick to the exact technique but rather encourage your own feeling and enjoyment of dance and music.


Bosorka studio, Masarykova 32, Brno

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