Body Percussion

"Get in the rhythm and let rhythm get inside you"

As soon as you’ve let rhythm get inside you once, it’s all up to you and your fantasy how you express it through dance and music.

O Body percussionBody percussion is a musical style of body music drawing from many cultures. It is one of the world´s most ancient musical arts where you use your own body to create sounds. Before our primeval ancestors grasped wooden sticks or stones into their hands, they had certainly tried to make sounds using their own bodies. By clapping their hands, stamping and doing other blows or strokes they began making music. Currently, body music combines elements of step and hambone with other pieces drawn from traditions of various world cultures.

O Body percussion

Body percussion combines music and dance into one. Since you’ve begun using certain movements in order to create rhythm, you’ve also become a dancer… and, what´s more, without any musical instrument.

Body music develops your sense of rhythm, quick response, coordination, cooperation and communication. Body percussion improves your motoric skills and by activating various parts of the brain it has a positive effect on your memory and concentration. At the same time, together we create energetic music which makes you feel cool and you can play it anywhere – at home, at school, on the street, at the park… anywhere! ’cause you’re the instrument!

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