Teambuilding - Body percussion

Body percussion is an ideal means not only to develop your own skills but also to pull together your whole work team. Body music is a very easy and entertaining form to create music without any musical instruments. Roots of body music go back as far as early prehistoric times when people used to communicate through sounds created with their own bodies. Body music combines elements of many cultures while being an independent style where everything is up to your creativity. Body percussion not only develops the rhythm inside each of us but also quick response, cooperation and communication  between and among people. Besides, it improves motoric skills and, by activating various parts of the brain, it has a positive effect on memory and concentration. Therefore it is an ideal means to strengthen your work team and to make your work more effective.

The Body Percussion teambuilding program takes 1-2 hours but it can be customized to your vision and aims. It incorporates many psychomotor and rhythmical games. We will learn the basic body music technique and together get in the rhythm. We will thus create energetic music which will relax you and strengthen your cooperation within your team. Team Body Percussion can be made for 20-50 participants (or as agreed).

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